The Adoption Process

The Adoption ProcessThe first step in the adoption process through our agency is attending an information meeting (Adoption Orientation). You can learn more about the date and time of our next orientation by emailing

Adoptive Parent Criteria
Infant adoptions are open to couples, that have been married for at least two years (three if it is a second marriage), are members of a Christian church, and have completed all the medical work relative to infertility they intend to pursue. The couples must be United States citizens or legal residents of the United States. The adoptive parents need to be between the ages of 23 and not yet 50. We serve families residing in the Dallas and Fort Worth Diocese, and we always welcome couples willing to adopt children with special needs.

Finally Home adoptions are designed to place children who are in foster care with CPS into adoptive families.  The criteria is the same as above, except the age limit is 59.

If you have questions about qualifications about this program or infant adoption, please contact Lee Schimmel by email at

We know that adoption is a lifelong process. If you have adopted, were adopted, or made an adoption plan through Catholic Charities of Dallas and want information about your particular case, please contact our Post-Adoption Counselor, Lee Schimmel at

*Please note: Due to the closing of other adoption agencies in the area, our program has taken ownership of some past or present cases open from those agencies. With some limitations to to the nature of how paperwork has been archived, some post-adoption services may come with a fee. Questions? Please call us at (214)526-2772.